COMbricks - Networking, Monitoring and Control

Embedded PLC module for STEP®7 from Siemens

COMbricks™ is the first automation system for PROFIBUS and PROFINET that unites network components, permanent monitoring and remote I/O. COMbricks is a modular system that allows a mix of automation components on a backplane. For example; repeater modules can be placed next to a PROFIBUS slave and at the same time, in a webbrowser over Ethernet, it is possible to check the condition of the installation with ProfiTrace OE.

EasyConn PB - PROFIBUS diagnostic connector

Metal housing ensures high interference immunity
Cable connection via convenient IDC technology
Captive single-screw installation system
Integrated switchable terminating resistors
Integrated PG/diagnostic socket  90°, 45°, 0° cable exit
Status indication via 4 integrated LEDs for bus test functions

proficonn - PROFIBUS DP Interface Module

The new proficonn Module is the easy way to connect any application directly to PROFIBUS. 
It contains the entire PROFIBUS galvanic isolated physical interface combined with the VPC3+S-BGA48, the smallest PROFIBUS ASIC, and serial SPI-interface to communicate with the device which should be used for PROFIBUS-DP. Due to its high level of integration, size is only 20x50mm and single power supply of 3.3V , it´s the most efficient solution in the market.

PROFIBUS standard cable

Bus cable according to DIN EN 50290, DIN EN 13602,
DIN IEC 60811, UL 1685
Single core bare copper wire
2 core twisted (red/green)
Jacket / Outer sheath PVC mixture (violet, RAL 4001)
100m, 200m, 500m, 1000m packaging units available

PROFIBUS Cable assembled with EasyConn bus connector

rugged EasyConn Connectors
with integrated Diagnostics
switchable line termination
cable length: 2x 0.5m
High Quality PROFIBUS cable
electrically tested

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